"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Our Rooms - Centre capacity - 65 children per day
We divide the centre into a number of rooms. Each room has different objectives and styles depending on the development stage of the child.
Babies Room

Our Babies Room is an extremely important place where many children begin their childcare journey. Staff provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment that builds trusting and secure relationships with children and families. Babies can begin to explore a range of experiences to further enhance their increasing curiosity and physical abilities.

Toddlers Room

Here we aim to develop relationships. Children are encouraged to become confident and independent by nurturing curiosity, imagination and self-help skills. Allowing children to play, explore, interact and make connections with their environment is crucial to a child's early learning achievements.

Pre-Kindy Room

​In this room, staff provide opportunities for growth and learning though a play based programme. Children engage in numerous activities throughout the day and gain many self-help skills including feeding, dressing and toileting in preparation for their move to the Kindy room. Experienced staff continue to foster, enhance and guide the children's development.

Kindy Room

Both Kindy rooms offers a range of experiences such as art, creativity, science, mathematics, language, literacy, social health and gross motor skills. We foster the growth of each child's independence by allowing children to choose their own activities and experiences and provide a safe, stable environment that promotes and encourages learning.

Kindy 4 (aka Pre School) Room

Children turning 4 years old transition to the older Kindy room (also known as the Pre School Room) which is to prepare the children for entering main stream primary school. We have an Early Childhood Teacher who prepares and guides the children in line with the Early Years Framework.